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The popularity of non-fried instant noodle production line

2016-11-28 by Ellie

Do you know the main difference between fried instant noodle and non-fried instant noodle? In a word, the production technology is the same with fried instant noodle, but the non-fried instant noodle adopts micro puffing technology and hot air drying. The advantage is that there is no frying part as for the non-fried instant noodle obviously, so it is healthier than others. The characteristic of the organization of the non-fried instant noodle is tiny and concentrated compared with other instant noodle, and have a new flavor and taste than fried instant noodle has not.
non-fried instant noodle production line
Compared with fried instant noodles, the non-fried instant noodle has the following features:
First, the dried time is longer, so the noodles are tiny and concentrated.
Second, the size of non-fried instant noodle is tinier in order to reduce the drying time and cooking time.
Third, the oil content is small, close to fresh noodles.
With the continuous deepening of the health consciousness, people are more willing to choose the non-fried instant noodle nowadays. Therefore, in order to occupy the market share, many manufacturers have already to purchase the new non-fried instant noodle production line, and there is a production line for your reference and purchase.
 non-fried instant noodle production line
It is the complete production flow of the non-fried instant noodle. Even though the production of non-fried instant noodle is a little complicated, our company has a whole set of production line in order to save time and money for our customers. This production line adopts advanced technology based on constant trying and experiments, with reasonable layout and stable performance, and it uses automatically temperature control system, which can ensure the original color of the noodle flavor and nutritional composition. It is the ideal equipment for non-fried instant noodle production.