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The tomato and egg noodle, not only healthy but nutritious

2016-11-07 by Ellie

stick noodle processing line
  Have you ever eaten the tomato and egg noodles before, if not, you are able to know something about it here. The main raw materials of this kind of noodle are eggs, potatoes and noodles.
  As for the tomato, the main nutritious element in potatoes is the vitamin, and the most important part is the tomato red pigment. In recent years, scientists have proved that the tomato has a unique antioxidant capacity, which can remove free radicals in the body leading to aging and diseases; prevent cardiovascular disease; to prevent prostate cancer progression, and effectively reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer, rectal cancer, laryngeal cancer, oral cancer, breast cancer and other cancers.
  In terms of eggs, it is rich in nutritious value, and is regarded as the ideal nutrient base, while the only disadvantage is the shortage of vitamin, therefore, the tomato and egg noodle is the perfect combination for people.
  When making tomato and egg noodle, people can add tomatoes and eggs in noodle according to their own eating habit.
  Not only the tomato and egg noodle, there are many another eating methods among consumers as noodle has been popular in the market for many years. After knowing the introduction of tomato and egg noodle, do you know the production of noodle?
  Generally speaking, the noodle used in the tomato and egg noodle is the stick noodle, as stick noodle can be stored for a long time which is convenient for people to eat it at any time.
 stick noodle processing line
  This is the whole production procedure of stick noodle, which is a little complicated, however there is a whole set of stick noodle processing line in the GELGOOG Company, in order to save energy and time in selecting and matching for customers. 
stick noodle processing line i
  The most obvious feature of this processing line is the adoption of automatic drying system. It abandons the traditional drying method of natural wind or other methods, so the work efficiency and quality is higher than before. After drying by the machine, it can be packed by the automatic packaging machine, so there is no need for manufacturers to employ many workers in the plant.
  If more detailed information about the specification and quotation of this production line is needed, please contact us with no hesitation, and best services will be provided at any time.

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