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How is Tomato Sauce Processed?

2018-05-22 by Lisa

How is Tomato Sauce Processed? Tomato sauce is a sauce concentrate product of fresh tomato, which was first invented by Chinese in nineteenth Century. Tomato paste is a bright red sauce, with the unique flavor of tomatoes, is a kind of distinctive condiment, generally not directly entrance. Tomato sauce made by after crushing, beating, removal of coarse material skins and seeds of ripe red tomato, concentrating, canning, sterilizing. Tomato sauce is often used as fish, meat and other food ingredients, is add lustre, add acid and help the fresh, fragrant of good seasoning. Using tomato sauce, is one of the important contents of Hong Kong Cantonese seasoning flavor formation.
how is tomato sauce processed
In order to get delicious tomato sauce in a quick way, the tomato sauce grinder machine is a equipment that can quickly produce tomato paste, and with high efficiency, high quality. The series grinding machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries such as wet materials, crushing, grinding. Can play a variety of fluid, homogeneous and mixed emulsion latex material, the main technical indicators have reached the advanced level of similar foreign products. The machine is the relative motion of the stator and rotor under the high speed rotation through the different geometrical shapes, and the fracture is obtained by shearing, grinding and high-frequency vibration. Broken room with three grinding zone, the first level for coarse grinding zone, two for fine grinding zone, three for ultrafine grinding zone, by adjusting the gap between stator and rotor, can effectively one-time achieve the required ultra-fine crushing effect (also can be recycled). The machine has the characteristics of compact structure, running balance, low noise, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning and easy maintenance. It is the most ideal equipment for making tomato paste. 


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