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Wise Choice:Peanut Candy Making Machine By GELGOOG

2016-11-16 by Lisa

Peanut candy is made of clean peanuts, sugar, liquid glucose,etc. Summer climate is humid and hot. Sugar is prone to sand adhesion or mildew, should not be more production. Peanut crisp sweet sugar, high quality and inexpensive, is one of the most favorite food consumers.

peanut candy making machine

Now there are a variety of peanut candy appear in the market,but the production method of peanut candy is similar.It’s different flavor due to the raw material formula change,and even the peanut is added to flap or crushed,also have a different sense of taste in food.Put milk, cream, so that the use of what kind of starch jelly, use what percentage would have significant differences in sensory and flavor, make people have a choice, to stimulate sales and consumption.  

Main features of peanut candy making machine
1, the use of advanced computer touch screen, PLC program control, frequency control, automatic correction of product parameters, easy and quick operation.
2, continuous automatic feeding, pressing, cutting, finished product delivery.
3, the machine frame is welded with standard heavy metal to ensure enough rigidity and strength, and the exterior is made of high quality 304 stainless steel.
4,good shape and continuous forming,aluminum alloy do not dip mold easy to mold release.
5,according to customer needs and optional pneumatic feeder, clappers, hopper made of nylon or stainless steel configuration.
6,less labor, high yield.And no need to adjust, accurate positioning, high production output
7,the transmission system is simple and clear at a glance; the circuit is simple, without direct maintenance. 

Believing you will not miss such a good machine,it will bring you a lot of harvest.believe the GELGOOG machinery,which can provide you the high quality machines and best service.

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