Chin Chin making machine was ordered by American Customer who visit the company today

2016-10-24 by admin
One of our customers from America visits our company, and has a good time with our colleagues. After talking with him, we know that he is born on Nigeria and he lives in America now, the purpose of coming to China is to purchase a perfect machine for making Chin Chin. Chin Chin is a kind of delicious snacks originated from Nigeria, and it is very popular in many countries around the world, and our customer is engaged in the production of Chin Chin.
chin chin
After repetitive comparison and observation, our customer determines to purchase the Chin Chin making and cutting machine from our company. During the time he spending with our colleagues, he is very happy and tells us many interesting things about his country and his plant.
customer visit
When visiting our company, he sees one of the pictures hanging on the wall on our company, and he tells us the person in the picture with our general manager is a young governor with high education background in his country,  Governor Ayad, and he is very happy to visit us and see the picture. Therefore, he gives high evaluations to us and is more willing to cooperate with our company in a long term.
customer visit

chin chin cutting machine
This is the machine that our customer from America needs, and he has already placed an order with this machine. This Chin Chin cutting machine is used for pressing and cutting paste to small pieces, and the size of finished products can be adjusted. Si if you are also interested in this machine, please contact us, and we will provide you with detailed information including specification, delivery and terms of payment with you.

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