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Customer from New Zealand bought a de-oiling machine from the company

2016-10-21 by admin

One of our customers from New Zealand contacts us that he wants a de-oiling equipment to work for his plant, and he is engaged in intensive processing of peanuts, so one of his products is peanut cookie, as a result, he is going to purchase a de-oiling machine connected to his peanut cookies production line, after getting a detailed understanding of our de-oiling machine, he determines to place the order immediately, and we conclude the deal finally. What’s more, this is the largest de-oiling machine that our company has sold.
The de-oiling machine is a vital equipment for fried food, on the one hand, the healthy consciousness is deepened in people’ s mind, so the fried food with low oil content is more and more popular among consumers, on the other hand, the de-oiling machine can help the manufacturer to reduce the use of oil, thus reducing production costs.

de-oiling machine

After consultation and negotiation, our customer from New Zealand wants us to deliver the goods to him as quickly as possible, of course, our company is served to our customers, as a response to our customer, we deliver the goods to his country with no delay.

de-oiling machine

If you have the same requirements like the customer of our company from New Zealand, please contact us without hesitation , we are ready to offer services at any time.

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