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Our company's automatic waffle cone machine is ready for shipped to clients to Jordan

2016-07-30 by admin

 Jordan customers have completed installation and commissioning in our customized automatic waffle cone machine, ready for shipment to the customer. Customers Who Bought This fully automatic egg machine is custom models, according to the customer to customize the size of the cone, while meeting the customer's production requirements.

automatic waffle cone machine

    The automatic cutting machine, the machine automatically open after mature egg rolls, one operation, convenient and practical use of high quality electrical components, temperature control stepless thermostat, temperature freely. Egg rolls look beautiful, entrance crisp, making simple low investment and high return.
    Automatic waffle cone machine is the current food consumption market, selling hot item - egg and crisp (omelet) ideal processing equipment. Prepared omelets fire color uniform, bright color, crispy and delicious, clean. Selected high quality formula, called the color, flavor and a good, all ages to share. Yellow crispy egg rolls are a popular food for all ages, with its entrance, rich flavor, crisp texture, nutrient-rich and deeply loved the people. Suitable for shopping malls, supermarkets, markets and other establishments. Electric egg roll machine up and down for the thicker plate (to overcome the old-fashioned egg roll machine does not heat, fragile weakness), import heating pipe means to maximize the enhanced durability of the internal heating pipe layout is reasonable, egg rolls heated evenly, bright color. Good safety performance, high temperature, can guarantee continuous production of products, the use of high efficiency, is the best ideal equipment currently produced quality egg rolls.

waffle cone machine

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