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The customer from Sudan visit the factory

2016-12-24 by Tina

The customers have their own potato chips factory in Sudan. The customer need a complete potato chips production line.

First, the customer want to know the price of the potato chips production line. the sales from GELGOOG company send the price list to the customer. the customer is satisfied to the price, and want to look at the machine.

Then, the customer come to china. the sales pick him up in airport. the sales lead customers to visit factory, and explained the production process in detail, including each machine operation and some matters that needing attention. the customer is very satisfied to the production line.

Potato chips production line with full oil or oil-water mixture of craft, with efficient burner, air can be automatically added to the pipe, the fire can burn adequately in the pipe, small exhaust emission, no pollution, high thermal efficiency, warming faster, improve production efficiency. and is fully automatic, and can realize automatic feeding, automatic discharging, automatic temperature control, automatic filtering and other functions.

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