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The noodle machine praise from customer

2016-12-24 by Tina

The customer from Mauritius purchase a noodle machine from GELGOOG company. and send the high praise about the noodle machine.

The customer need noodle machine. the customer have own factory in Mauritius. the customer know the GELGOOG company from his friend. the friend buy a noodle machine from GELGOOG company before.

Then, the customer send the inquiry, he want to know the price about the noodle machine. the sales from GELGOOG send the price list by email.
Later, the customer is satisfied to the noodle machine.

The noodle machine is professional for dough sheet pressing, noodle forming and cutting, which also have the function of automatic hanging. this equipment can also be put into noodle production line to use, which can connect with drying line. Whole process can be finished automatically, highly effective as well as non stop continuous noodles making process.

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