Industrial Electric Tunnel Bread Baking Oven for Bakery

Industrial Electric Tunnel Bread Baking Oven for Bakery
  • Electric Bread Tunnel Oven For Sale
  • Industrial Tunnel Oven for Bakery
Industrial Electric Tunnel Bread Baking Oven for Bakery
  • MOQ:1 set Set/Sets
  • Supply Ability: 100 sets per month Set/Sets Per Month
  • Pay Method: WEST UNION L/C T/T CASH
  • Loading Port: Qingdao port


Brief Introduction of Tunnel Bread Baking Oven
This baking machine has two heating methods: electric and gas heating. Tunnel oven used for baking bread, biscuits, moon cake, pizza, corn flakes, breakfast cereal and other products. High degree of automation enables continuous production.
Industrial Bread Tunnel Oven For Bakery

Features of the Industrial Bread Tunnel Oven
  • Proportional motor-controlled burner and variable-speed air flow provide precise temperature and humidity control, baking bread more uniform.
  • Multi-zone control and independent top and bottom heating, suitable for a variety of pastry baking, ensuring stable baking quality.
  • Conveyor belt can choose full imported chain plate, mesh belt, steel belt, etc., with RLC intelligent control system, forced hot air circulation system, powerful steam system, etc.
  • The furnace body adopts high quality and thickened steel as the furnace body frame to avoid the furnace body from being deformed due to long-term heating.
  • The tunnel bread baking oven adopts a completely mixed combustion method to achieve full combustion, thereby saving fuel costs.
  •  Bread tunnel oven adopts advanced technology CSR high-density thermal insulation material, so that the furnace temperature reaches a suitable effect. The length and width can be customized according to customer requirements, and ultra-wide tunnel furnaces can be customized.
Factory Tunnel Bread Baking Oven For Bakery
Wide Range of Use of Bakery Bread Baking Oven
Electric tunnel oven is widely used for bakery, suitable for baking bread, burgers, moon cakes, toast, pizza, biscuits, and some puffed food. It has a large production capacity, does not require manual operation during the production process, and has high work efficiency.

Four Advantages of Electric Tunnel Bread Baking Oven
✦ Flexible and independent control of top and bottom heating: Each heater has independent electric wire, and the burner heats the top and bottom respectively, so the oven becomes very flexible and can be used to oven different types of products.
✦ Various heating methods: gas stove, heat is mainly transmitted through radiation. Convection hot blast stove: Heat is mainly transferred by convection. The electric oven uses electricity as a heat source to transmit through radiation.
✦ Warm-up furnace: Direct heating and convection mixing can accurately control the moisture, shelf life and edge of the product to achieve better color.
✦ Reasonable structure + excellent insulation shell: The exterior of our oven is made of stainless steel, and its appearance is beautiful and easy to clean. The materials of the bread tunnel oven chamber are carefully selected according to the baking temperature and product type of each oven.

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