Chin Chin Frying Machine Quotation|Chin Chin Frying Equipment

Chin Chin Frying Machine Quotation|Chin Chin Frying Equipment
  • chin chin frying machine
  • chin chin frying equipment
  • chin chin frying machine quotation
Chin Chin Frying Machine Quotation|Chin Chin Frying Equipment
  • MOQ:1 set Set/Sets
  • Supply Ability: 200 sets per month Set/Sets Per Month
  • Pay Method: WEST UNION L/C T/T CASH
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port/Shanghai Port


Chin chin frying machine introduction:
Continuous frying machines, according to the heating method can be divided into two kinds of electric heating and gas heating, according to the production process can be divided into pure oil fryers, cycle filter fryers, oil and water mixed fryers, customers can according to the production process requirements Choose the frying equipment that suits you. This fryer can be used for many materials, such as peanuts, chin chin, chicken wings, meat, green beans, beans, donuts, casseroles, fish and so on. The foods fried out using this machine are healthy and safe, and the machine is easy to use and easy to use.
chin chin frying machine
Continuous chin chin frying machine main features:
1, the full automatic control of oil temperature, the temperature can be set freely from 0-230 degrees, suitable for the production of various process requirements of food.
2, can increase the cycle according to customer requirements filter device, can achieve edge cycle, edge filtration, frying.
3, cycle filter frying line, compared with the ordinary fryer, more cooking oil. Extend the use cycle of cooking oil, there is no production of carbonized oil, saving 50% of oil, and equipment investment can be recovered in half a year.
4, the food produced by using this fryer technology is good in finish, bright in color, and the product quality is obviously improved, and the problem of excessive acidification of fried food is solved.
5, using the frying apparatus, the food residue generated during the frying process can be collected into the filter tank through the vacuum filter tank, which is convenient for cleaning, so that the effect of filtering the oil is achieved, and oil is not wasted.
6, a multi-purpose machine, without changing the oil can be fried a variety of food, no smoke, no odor, save time and environmental protection. Compared with ordinary fryers, the foods fried in this machine do not contain heavy metals and other harmful substances.
7, advanced mechanical transmission and frequency control system, so that the device is suitable for frying various types of food (such as tofu, cut meat, patties, balls, chicken, rice, fish, etc.).
8, advanced and efficient heating system. The oil pool adopts insulation technology to save energy and improve work efficiency. Reduced unit costs. The interface of oil and moisture is ventilated by the ventilation pipe, which greatly prolongs the service life of the frying oil. The upper part of the oil is heated and the lower layer is cooled to prevent the water temperature from being too high and boiling. Oil and water are discharged separately, making it easier to change slag.
9, double mesh belt, to avoid product floating, making the food more evenly fried.
10, the mesh belt can be automatically lifted to facilitate cleaning, which greatly improves work efficiency, reduces labor intensity, and is clean and sanitary.
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The process makes food residue, excess water, and heavy metals generated during the process of frying food quickly detach from the high-temperature zone and sinks into the low-temperature zone. The water is drained off. When the frying oil is too dry, the water layer can be supplied to the frying oil layer again. The moisture content of the fried food does not cause coking and carbonization, and can effectively control the production of carcinogenic substances and ensure the health of consumers. Unique product technology and scientific product structure enable users to save energy.

Technical Data

300 kg/h
800 kg
120 kw



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