Electric Custard Tart Molding Machine Supplier

Electric Custard Tart Molding Machine Supplier
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Electric Custard Tart Molding Machine Supplier
  • MOQ:1 set Set/Sets
  • Supply Ability: 200 Sets per Month Set/Sets Per Month
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The Introduction of Custard Tart Molding Machine
This tart machine is specially designed for the production of tart shell of different sizes and shapes. Three models: 28, 36, 48pcs/minute.
Custard Tart Shell Machine
This molding machine produced by our company has been carefully designed and manufactured, and it is a kind of egg tart equipment with high performance and high efficiency in line with international standards.

Egg Custard Tart Production Process 

Please Note When Using Custard Tart Machine
1. Read the manual carefully before operating it, when custard tart machine is not in operation, turn off the power.
2. Turn off the power before replacing electrical or mechanical parts.
3. Shut down the emergency stop and power supply before replacing the tart machine mold.
4. The egg tart molding machine should be placed on a flat surface.
5. The hand cannot reach into the running parts during operation.
Custard Tart Making Machine
The egg tart is a kind of custard tart found in Portugal, Macau, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Argentina, Brazil, Britain, and various Asian countries. Our tart shell equipment often sold these countryes and regions.

Characteristics of Custard Tart Molding Machine
a. The speed of  custard tart machine motor can be adjustable.
b. Equipped pneumatic device, pneumatic forming, does not have heating function.
c. Electric custard tart machine adopts PLC control, the capacity is 28-48pcs/minute.
d. Quick and easy replacement of molds, suitable for various design production.
e. Adopt stainless steel, which is simple to operation and easy to clean.
f. Stable performance, compact structure and long service life.

As a professional supplier of all kinds of egg tart equipment, our company can provide information, video, and finished products pictures of different types of tart machines.

Technical Data

Model GG-X36
Capacity 36 pcs/min
Power 500W, 220V 50Hz Single-phase
Air Consumption 0.2m³/min (0.6-0.8 Mpa pressure)
Customers themselves ready to air compressor
Dimension L650*W750*H1350mm



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