200KG/H Automatic Fresh Noodle Machine Manufacturer in China

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Automatic fresh noodle machine is a professional equipment for dough sheet pressing and cutting, which also have the function of automatic hanging. This equipment can also connect with drying machine to form the noodle production line.
Fresh Noodle Machine Manufacturer
Whole process can be finished automatically, highly effective as well as non stop continuous noodles making. It can produce at least 150 kg of noodles per hour, we also provide other output, such as 200, 300, 400, etc.. 

Working Flow of Fresh Noodle Machine
Mixed Flour —> Dough Sheet Pressing—>Noodle Forming—>Cutting—>Automatic Hanging on Rod—>Drying—>Cutting—>Packing

Video of Fresh Noodle Making Machine in China

Advantages of Automatic Fresh Noodle Machine
1. With full steel gear transmission, bearings made of food-grade materials, small dimension and compact structure.
2. Automatic conveying during in whole process, one time forming, automatic cutting and hanging on rod and rising.
3. Chain sprocket transmission, long service life and easy maintenance, labor-saving, combined type rolling, uniform feeding.
Automatic Noodle Machine in China
4. Noodle machine is fitted with heavy duty mild steel fabricated structure. Advanced design and sanitary production.
5. Easy operation, rapid production, and the thickness of noodles is adjustable.
6. Special alloy steel / cast iron gears minimize both friction and noise, providing quiet operation.

One set of automatic fresh noodle machine equipped with 5 cutters, we can customize the forming width of knifes according to customers’ exact demands; The knifes can be changed to get the noodles with different size easily when needed.
Technical Data
Model Size of roller Capacity Power Dimension Weight
GGMT7-260 Ø138*260mm 220-260kg/h 4Kw 2900*680*1370mm 960Kg
GGMT7-350 Ø138*300mm 240-280kg/h 4KW 2900*680*1370mm 980Kg
GGMT6-200 Ø96*250mm 180-210kg/h 3KW 2000*600*1250mm 550kg
GGMT6-350 Ø138*350mm 280-300kg/h 4KW 2400*630*1370mm 850Kg
GGMT5-200 Ø96*250mm 150kg/h 3KW 1600*570*1220mm 350kg
GGMT5-260 Ø140*260mm 180kg/h 3KW 1800*580*1250mm 510kg
GGMT5-250 Ø138*250mm 150-170kg/h 3KW 1500*650*1370mm 550Kg


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