Hot sale Wafer biscuit Production Line

Hot sale Wafer biscuit Production Line
  • wafer biscuit production line
  • wafer production line
  • wafer biscuit machine
Hot sale Wafer biscuit Production Line
  • MOQ:1 Set/Sets
  • Supply Ability: 200 Set/Sets Per Month
  • Pay Method: WEST UNION L/C T/T CASH
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port


GELGOOG Series Wafer Biscuit Production Line is the primary choice for the production of kinds of hard and soft wafer biscuit.
The biscuit plant equipment can be combined and displayed according to customer’s local space or biscuit technical requirement.
Adopting hearing-medium conduction technology with heating oil as medium, the plant is a new generation product developed exclusively in China based on the advanced structure of existing plants from domestic market and abroad.
If offers an ideal solution for lower power consumption and overall production cost, and keeping the same surface color for all biscuits.
 wafer biscuit production line production process
Advantages of wafer biscuit machine:
1.Reliable performance, stable operation, long service life.
2.By changing the molds and recipes, this plant is able to produce various types of high quality biscuit, such as cream biscuit, sandwiching biscuit, soda cracker biscuit, animal biscuit, vegetable biscuit etc.
3.There are diversified heating source for your operation (Electric, gas, fuel oil).
4.High automatic, stand-alone machine can be controlled separately, simple operation and easy maintenance
5.We have approved by CE、ISO and SGS. They all are proves of our high quality.
6.The plant is a new generation product developed exclusively in China based on the advanced structure of existing plants from domestic market and abroad.

Technical Data

No. Equipment Name Dimension(mm)
Power Qty
1 Batter Mixer (GGJ) 1720*1100*1000 4.5Kw 1
2 Gas Baking Oven (GGHG-27) 10550*1700*2260 5.52Kw 1
3 Wafer sheet connecting machine (GGJP-5) 2300*700*850 0.37Kw 1
4 Door Type Wafer Sheet Cooling Machine 3280*700*2700 0.37Kw 1
5 Sheet Collecting Machine (GGP4) 2000*700*760 0.18Kw 1
6 Cream spreading machine (GGC4) 3000*1160*1300 380V.2.24Kw
7 Vertical cooling tower (GGLF) 3130*1200*3660 1.11Kw 1
7-1 Cold Blower 2200*1100*1800 8.86Kw 1
8 Wafer Cutting Conveyor (GQS) 1500*700*780/1100 0.18Kw 1
9 Blade Type Cutting Machine (GGJDX4) 1620*2300*1240 0.75Kw 1
10  Horizontal type cream mixer (GGWG) 1840*850*1350 5.05Kw 1
11 Smashing machine (GGF) 670*660*1000 3Kw 1


1. Ask: What is the heating mode of your machine?
  Answer: We have electric heating and gas heating for your choose.
2. Ask: How many different capacity do you have?
  Answer: We have 100kg/h, 150kg/h, 180kg/h, 200kg/h etc. You can choose according to your factory scale and market demand
3. Ask: What voltage of the equipment?
  Answer: Our processing line voltage is 380V 50Hz 3phase, voltage can be   customized according to your factory requirement
4. Ask: How much factory does this production line need?
  Answer: If you already have factory, you can send us your factory drawings,   our engineer will design machine layout accordind to your factory size.


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