Russian Ice Cream Stakanchik Baking Machine in High Quality

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Description of Russian Ice Cream Stakanchik Baking Machine
This is a common ice cream cone in Russia, very popular. Our company's ice cream stakanchik baking machine can be used to make the product, and the shape and size of ice cream stakanchikcan be customized.

Here I want to list several edible stakanchik cup that our machine can make.
Machine for Ice-cream Stakanchik Baking

Features of Russian Ice Cream Stakanchik Machine
1. Automatic operation: First time, you need to set the baking temperature, baking time, etc, next time use the equipment to start directly with one key, which is convenient and practical.
2. The baking time is about one minute, each time producing 40-120 pcs stakanchik cups, the production efficiency is high, which is several times that of the semi-automatic model.
3. According to the needs of different users, our ice cream stakanchik baking machine's output is available in three options, namely 1200-2400pcs/h, 2500-3000pcs/h, 5000-6000pcs/h.
4. The material of the machine is 304 stainless steel, and the bake molds are made of ductile iron, which heats up quickly and is resistant to high temperatures.
Ice Cream Stakanchik Baking Machine For Sale
Note for Russian Ice Cream Stakanchik Machine
① Payment method: Pay the full amount of online payment or deposit 40% first, and pay the final payment before the goods are shipped;
② Production cycle: Before purchasing, you can find the sales staff to determine whether it is in stock, 7-20 working days that need to be customized;
③ Transportation: 2-3 logistics for customers to choose, customers can also find familiar logistics or express delivery!
④After-sales: One-year warranty, non-human damage, the company will arrange factory masters to follow up and repair within 48 hours of receiving customer calls.

How to Use Ice Cream Stakanchik Machine for Baking Ice Cream Stakanchik Cups?
Technical Data
Max Capacity 1200-2400pcs/h 2500-3000pcs/h 5000-6000pcs/h
Power 15KW 23KW 46KW
Size 2000*1600*2100mm 2700*2400*2400mm 5400*2400*2400mm
Weight 800kg 1000kg 2000kg


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