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High Capacity Roasted Peanut Peeling Machine

2016-12-06 by Lisa

I believe that you may find there are many peanut snacks,like peanut butter,peanut candy,peanut cake,peanut milk,etc.Of course, almost all kind of peanut snacks need the peeling machine to peel the red coated before it is made.Peanut skin removed make the taste more rich and better.Roasted peanut peeling machine is one of the core machine of peanut candy processing line which includes peanut roasting machine,peanut peeling machine,sugar pot making machine,peanut forming machine,peanut mixing machine and peanut packing machine.Peeled peanuts give you a different feeling, more delicious.You can enjoy it.

peanut peeling machine

Roasted peanut peeling machine:
1.Roasted peanut peeling machine using dry type to peel the red skin , no water consumption and environmental pollution.
2.Peel rate can be 98% or 99%.
3.Easy to operate and sanitary stripping process.
4.Saving energy and labor.
5.Cleaning and maintenance is simple.

It is used for peeling peanut red skin with dry model.Widely used for food industry, agriculture with superior quality.The machine is the most advanced dry type peanuts desquamate equipment,with reasonable structure, stable operation, long service life, high cleaning rate characteristics. It can be used in conjunction with the production line,such as peanut butter production line,peanut candy making machine and so on.

The company mainly produces the food machinery and export to foreign countries.Machinery quality level meet the export standards.We also provide high quality service for you, you can not install the machine, no problem, our technical staff will teach you how to do, equipment problems, please don't worry,our professionals will be for you to find a solution or be sent to your side to help you deal with.

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