Small Wafer Ice Cream Cone Making Machine Price 800pcs/h

  • Output:800pcs/h
  • Voltage:220V/50HZ
  • Power: /
  • Payment Method: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Description of Ice Cream Cone Making Machine
This equipment is a small model ice cream cone machine that uses gas as the main heating method (electric heating can also be customized), and it can produce wafer cones with different shapes.

There are different styles of ice cream cone, such as corn shape, horns shape, flower shape, and others. Various logos and patterns can be printed on the surface of ice cream cones.
Wafer Ice Cream Cone Making Machine
It is mainly used to make all kinds of wafer cones, which can be formed in one time. And it is convenient and quick to make ice cream cones 800 pieces per hour. This wafer cone machine has received good reviews in some countries, for example Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, South Africa, etc.

Features of Wafer Ice Cream Cone Making Machine
▄ The machine's price is very affordable, factory direct sales, accurate on-time delivery to the customer request port.
▄ The wafer cone machine can complete the production of different ice cream cones by changing the mold, which can be used in a wide range.
▄ It is manual operation, easy to master, there are detailed instructions for the ice cream cone making machine and operation video.
▄ The number of conventional molds is 30, and the specific number of molds needs to be combined with the requirements of customers.
▄ The outer shell of the cone ice cream machine and the feeding trough, the standard material of the sizing disc is 201 stainless steel, and the machine frame is iron.

Wroking Video of Ice Cream Cone Machine in factory

Precautions for Operating Wafer Ice Cream Cone Making Machine
1. Close the upper and lower molds of ice cream cone making machine together. A, turn on the fan switch; B. Ignite the open flame on the upper and lower mold burners; C. Open the gas solenoid valve switch and ignite the heating(Note the order of operation). The general warm-up time is about 30min.
2. The lower mold temperature is about 170 degrees - -200 degrees, and the upper mold is about 210 degrees - -240 degrees(The infrared sensor can be used to test the upper and lower mold temperatures). The wafer ice cream cones baking time is 1 minute to 2 minutes.
3. Never leave the wafer cup in the mold after use, otherwise there is a danger of damaging the aluminum cone or wasting more time to brush the cone and the aluminum seat.
4. When starting to use the wafer cone machine, it is necessary to spray the edible atomized silicone oil (or delicate soybean oil) into the cavity of the upper mold, the cone seat, the aluminum cone and the lower mold cavity, and the surfaces should be sprayed evenly (the new machine should be sprayed more). Remember not to use crude vegetable oil as a release agent, such as soybean oil. Because it is easy to accumulate coke, it can not be demoulded, so the machine can not work normally.
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Technical Data
Model GGDW-30
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Heating Gas Heated (LPG)
Capacity About 800pcs/h
LPG Consumption 4KG/h
Baking Time 1-2 minutes
Gas Consumption 50m³(24 hours)


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