Commercial Pomegranate Juicer|Pomegranate Juice Extractor Machine

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pomegranate juicer
Pomegranate Juicer Introduction:
Pomegranate juice making machine, the general use of my company to produce a single screw press, in the fruits and vegetables such as: grapes, seabuckthorn fruit, pomegranate seeds, oranges and other high sugar content. Chinese herbal residue, pulp residue, bagasse is thick and large, and these plants should use a single screw press with a forced feed plate. Here, the design of the forced feed plate hydraulic pressure and the design of the press cavity according to the different design of the material, the improper design caused the drying barrel cracking. The single screw presses its advantage, the wet and dry degree can control, the material unification is convenient, the output satisfies the user.
The Pomegranate Wine Filter adopts the disc diatomite filter and the plate-frame filter machine for coarse filtration and fine filtration. The filtered pomegranate wine can fully meet the national standards.
pomegranate juice making machine
Wide Application of Pomegranate Juice Extractor Machine
This kind of juicer not only applies to the crushing of pomegranate seeds, but a kind of fruit of similar nature, grape, apple, litchi, etc. can achieve satisfactory effect.

Professional pomegranate wine equipment, pomegranate seed Press machine should choose our company's pomegranate juice making mjachine. I'll talk about the reasons for choosing a single screw press. Because pomegranate seeds contain a large amount of sugar, with a series of double screw press opportunity to cause slippage, as one of processional pomegranate juice making machine manufacturers, and our company specializes in the production of pomegranate Seed press, on the basis of a single spiral, coupled with the mandatory feed version, through a similar to the plum-shaped version of the feed and conveyor rotation of the spiral, so that the stick-slip pomegranate seed feed into the squeeze layer squeeze , in the front of the pressure of the door to form a more dry press column, but the cylinder dry to achieve the required degree of dryness, open the hydraulic door, will form a continuous press of dry material discharge. If you want to know pomegranate juice making machine price, please email to

Technical Data


Capacity Size Machine weight Power
0.5T/h 1850x500x1200 400kg 4Kw
1.5T/h 2565x480x905 800kg
3T/h 3200x560x1120 1200kg


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