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pomegranate peeling machine
Pomegranate Peeling Machine
Pomegranate peeling machine is a kind of separation of pomegranate and pomegranate seed pretreatment machine. Peel separation process to ensure that the complete rate of pomegranate is as high as 90%, is processing pomegranate juice, beverages and other related food essential equipment.
Pomegranate peeling and separating machine structure
The pomegranate peeling separator includes a hopper, a broken device, a broken device, a rotary sieve, a stirring shaft, a screw pump, a rack, etc. The material is stainless steel except for the moving parts. The agitator shaft is the frequency control of the motor speed.
pomegranate peeling machine price
How to peel and separate pomegranate?
1. pomegranate through the hopper into the broken device, on the broken device to crush pomegranate, two roll spacing of 20mm.
2. pomegranate into the crushing equipment below. The following crusher presses the pomegranate again, and the distance between the two rollers is 10 mm. After two-stage extrusion, the Peel was basically separated from the seed.
3. then put the thing into the separation device. As the stirring shaft acts, the seed drops from the sieve hole and the peel is discharged from the back. The upper and lower rollers are elastic structure with adjustable space.
4. pomegranate seeds and ramming juice can be transported to the juicer with a screw pump.

Working video of pomegranate peeler machine:
Technical Data
Model GG-5 GG-10
Capacity 1-3t/h 3-5t/h
Turn sieve diameter 300mm 400mm
Mesh size 12-18mm
(we can customized Mesh size according to clinets detail requirement)
(we can customized Mesh size according to clinets detail requirement)
Power 4kw 4.8kw
Weight 800kg 950kg
Dimension 1900*700*1950mm 2100*800*2035mm


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