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Cube Sugar Vacuum Packing Machine
Introduction of Cube Sugar Vacuum Packing Machine

This is a semi automatic equipment, it mainly used for packing cube sugar into box, the machine is through the vacuum suction cup will have been dried cube sugar, according to the size of the box, a version of a version of the suction into the box, both hygienic, high efficiency, and will not destroy the complete sugar cube. This machine is the main product in the cube sugar production line. It is easy to operate, easy for cleaning, the machine shell made of the high quality stainless steel 304, has a long service life.

Testing Video of Semi Automatic Cube Sugar Vacuum Wrapping Machine

Precautions of Cube Sugar Packing Machine
1, The machine requirements in the absorption of cube sugar, each version of the height of cube sugar is the same;
2, This machine to coarse particles (90 mesh below) cube sugar, because of its easy leak, no normal effect.
3, The machine ideal granulated cube sugar granularity of <154μm (-100 mesh/inch) and above.
4, The cube sugar is not complete, especially the surface of the uneven sugar can not be adsorbed.
Technical Data
Air Pressure 0.3-0.7 Mpa
Power 0.75kw
Table Size as customer
Tongs 2
Gross weight 75KG
Dimension 650*600*950mm


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