Automatic Peanut Candy Making Machine Manufacturer

  • Output:200kg/h
  • Voltage:380 V
  • Power:
  • Payment Method: T/T,L/C

Description of Peanut Candy Making Machine

This production line is used to produce peanut candy, groundnut cake, kadalai mittai (chikki), which is mainly composed of sugar cooking pot, mixer machine, pressing machine, cooler, cutting machine and packaging machine.
Peanut Candy Machine Manufacturer

Features of Peanut Candy Machine

1. The shape of the peanut candy produced is usually square and rectangular, and the thickness is about 1 cm. The cutting knife can be adjusted.
2. The peanut candy bar making machine is directly pressed into shape, which can save material cost and avoid food waste.
3. Equipped with frequency converter, convenient speed regulation, high efficiency, stable performance, and can be produced continuously for 24 hours.
4. The mold and the hopper are made of non-stick materials, and all parts that may come into contact with food are non-toxic materials, resistant to oil and high temperature.
5. The cutting size is accurate, the length, width and thickness of the peanut candy can be made according to the needs of users.

Scope of application: This industrial peanut candy making equipment can be used to produce sachima, rice flower candy, peanut brittle, melon seed crisp, peanut crisp, sesame crisp, peanut chikki and other foods.
Peanut Candy Bar Processing Machine
The Main Equipment of Peanut Brittle Equipment
● Peanut Peeling Machine: The machine adopts the roller differential rolling rubbing skin way to the peanut peeling, with stable and reliable performance, long service life, good peeling effect, high productivity, good quality and other advantages, and can be used in combination of multiple units, suitable for processing a variety of peanut peeling.
● Peanut Mixing Machine: Some materials using imported materials division by 300 degrees high temperature! Equipment installed inverter motor, the whole machine using variable frequency control, can be used for a variety of products to stir.
automatic peanut candy making machine
● Peanut Roasting Machine: The machine is mainly used in food processing industry, sesame, beans, nuts, nuts, peanuts (fruit) melon seeds, almonds, chestnut, broad bean and other granular materials drying, baking system. Using rotary-cage technology, the use of heat conduction, heat radiation principle, with hot air as drying medium, the heat energy in the baked object, baked in the cage by the propulsion device to continuously push, roll, forming an uninterrupted cycle, so that the material is heated evenly, effectively guarantee the baking quality.
● Peanut Candy Cutting Forming Machine: This machine uses the frequency conversion adjustment, the cutting size is accurate, the forming degree is good, the complete machine continuous production, the middle does not need the artificial connection, realizes the true fully automatic, the intelligence operation. Machine can be equipped with a variety of tools, specific according to customer requirements.
Automatic Peanut Candy Making Machine Working Video

As a professional peanut candy making machine manufacturer, we have been working on the manufacture of peanut candy machine, so far, we have successfully developed a variety of peanut sugar machine. There are semi-automatic, fully automatic, and so on, different machines have different production, to meet different customer needs. If you are looking for peanut candy making machine manufacturer, please choose us, we can provide you the suitable machine price and details.

If you are interested in peanut peeling machine, roasting machine, sugar cooking pot, mixing machine, peanut candy cutting forming machine or peanut candy packing machine, please contact us for more information and price.
Technical Data
No. Equipment Name Output Power Dimension(mm)
1 Automatic Roaster 200kg/h 24kw 2700*1260*1550
2 Sugar Cooking Pot 100L 15kw 1200*1000*800
3 Temperature Control Mixer 3-8kg/time 4.1kw 680*500*800
4 Automatic Forming and cutting Machine 200-300kg/h 2.2kw 3800*1000*1600
5 Automatic Packing Machine 50-250bag/min 2.5kw 4000*950*1450


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