200kg/h Puffed Cereal Bar Production Line|Rice Ball Forming Machine

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200KG/H Puffed Cereal Bar Production Line Introduction
This cereal bar is a snack food which consists of puffed grains, nuts, honey, and puffed rice. Usually we use a cereal bar production line to make this food, this production line has characters of high yield and high degree of automation.

The main equipment of the cereal bar production line is sugar cooking pot, rice puffing machine, mixer, cereal bar forming machine, cutting machine, packaging machine. It can make cereal bars of different sizes, rectangular shape, round shape and so on.

Characteristics of Automatic Cereal Bar Machine
☆ High-quality materials, the contact part with food is 304 stainless steel, so the machine is not easy to corrode and rust.
☆ The shape and size of cereal bar can be adjusted by changing the mold and cutter gap.
☆ High degree of automation, the machine can automatic flattening, cutting, forming.
☆ High yield, no damage, the cereal bar machine can make 200 kg/h, we have other options to choose from.

Testing Video of Cereal Bar Production Line

Application Range of Cereal Bar Line: It is suitable for all major food processing factories, making a variety of cereal bar such as puffed rice bar, puffed corn bar, puffed oats bar, puffed wheat bar and puffed millet bar, rice ball.
Technical Data
Name Model Power Capacity(kg/h) Size(mm)
Cereal Extrusion Extruder GGBS25/50 5.5/7.5kw 25/50 700*700*1200
Temperature Sugar Cooking Pot GGFK-50/100 12kw 50/100 1200*1000*800
Temperature Control Mixing Machine GGFK-460/600 1.1kw 100/150 680*500*800
Multifunctional Molding Machine GGFK-58 3.3kw 100-200 5800*720*1400
Servo Model Packing Machine GGFK-280 2.4kw 50 3700*670*1450


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