SUS304 Shankarpali|Pali Chips Cutting Machine In India

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Shankarpali cutting machine can be used to cut different shapes of dough snack, such as Nigerian chin chin, Indian shankarpali, pali chips, etc in slice, strip, rhombus, curve and so on. With stepless speed regulation ability.
Stainless Steel Shankarpali Cutting Machine In India
Features of the Stainless Steel Pali Chips Cutting Machine
  • High quality 304 stainless steel material as raw material to produce the shankarpali cutting machine.
  • The machine is widely be used to produce polished glutinous rice strips, honey three knife, crisp sugar, etc 20 varieties of snack cutting.
  • The shapes of shankarpali are different, can cut into slice, strip, rhombus, square, also can be customized by your demands.
  • With stepless speed regulation ability, so that you can follow your heart to adjust and produce different delicious food.
  • Exquisite cutting and welding technology, the machine has the long service life.
Shankarpali/Pail Cutting Machine Stainless Steel
What are the Advantages of Shankarpali Cutting Machine?
1. Competitive Price: We are factory, the machines is directly produced by our company. With a reasonable labor force, make our price more competitive.
2. On time Shipping: Developed logistics deliver company to make sure on time shipment, low risk.
3. Production Line: Own advanced manufacturing equipment and computer controlled making machine. So our factory implement assembly line entirely.
4. QC: Strict quality control system to make sure the quality of india pali chips cutting machine is good.
Technical Data
Model GG-01
Power 1.5KW,220V
Dimension 1700*600*1050mm
Weight 200kg


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