Automatic Tart Pie Shell Press Machine 7MM Thickness

  • Output:1500-1800pcs/h
  • Voltage:220V,50hz
  • Power: /
  • Payment Method: T/T, L/C, Western Union
The Introduction of Tart Shell Press Machine
This tart shell making machine is made of high quality materials with reliable quality, stable operation and easy to use. Suitable for making various shapes of egg tart shells.
Automatic Tart Shell Press Machine
The tart shell press machine is a fully automatic operation equipment with a production capacity several times that of manual production. The output is high and the pie shell is evenly sized. One machine can make tarts of different sizes and shapes.

Testing Video of Automatic Tart Shell Machine

The egg tart shell press machine automatically completes the process of pressing the tart shell, making the embryo, recycling the waste skin, automatically dropping the cup, automatically forming, and automatically conveying. High degree of automation, saving a lot of labor, suitable for large-scale production of large and medium-sized enterprises.

Tart Shell Pressing Machine Features
1. The machine completely imitates the process of tart pie by hand, without affecting the taste and quality of the products.
2. The output of the egg tart machine is large, and 1500 pieces egg tarts can be made per hour.
3. Suitable for making Taiwan tart, Portuguese egg tarts, Cantonese egg tarts and similar pie tart.
4. This pie shell machine made of high quality stainless steel material, easy to operate.
Tart Shell Making Machine
Technical Data
Model GGA303-1
Capacity 1500-1800PCS/H
Voltage 220V,50hz
Diameter of Tart 40-90mm
Size 840*800*1300mm
Weight 130kg


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