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fruit and vegetable washing machine
Introduction of Palm Dates Washing Machine
This product also named apple washing equipment, it is suitable for many fruit and vegetables processing manufacturers. The whole shell is made of stainless steel 304, solid and durable, equipment raw materials will not be damaged, it can achieve high washing, labor saving, water-saving, equipment stability, reliable and other effects. This is a commercial use machine for washing different vegetable and fruits, set automatic continuous cleaning, cleaning is more than three times times more clean than manual routine washing method. Customers who want to know the machine price, according to the customer's demand, we make the price is mainly related to the output, material and performance of the machine. 

Palm Dates Washing Machine
This palm dates washing machine uses the high pressure water flow and the bubble occurrence device impact is cleaned the object surface, the bubble in contact with the object rupture produces the energy, will be washed the object surface to play the role of the impact and the brushing, the scrub is cleans the object surface, will be cleaned the object to clean. In addition, a brush can be installed to effectively remove the hair in the article. The high-pressure water flow makes the material roll state, remove the pesticide residue on the surface of the product, the floating object in the vegetable washer machine can overflow from the overflow tank, and the sediment is discharged from the mouth to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Working Video of Dates Washing Machine

Advantages of Commercial Palm Dates Washing Equipment
The principle of bubble shock wave can be used to rinse the surface of palm dates and apple, improve the work efficiency of more than 50%, effectively kill harmful bacteria, decomposition of residual pesticides. The washing machine is equipped with a vegetable plate, the cleaning material and the sediment is effectively isolated, reducing the turbidity of the water, greatly improving the cleaning water recycling efficiency, can save 80% cleaning water, saving manpower, convenient operation, saving time and labor, low energy consumption, health, safety, high efficiency.
Commercial Dates Washing Machine

Application of Palm Dates Washing Machine
This commercial washing machine is a major product in the production line of jujube, vegetable and aquatic products, mainly used for the cleaning of jujube, vegetable and aquatic. This washing machine principle is mainly the use of the box before some equipment box in the right amount of water, through the heating pipe to heat the water temperature, raw materials in the box, will be combined with the bubble machine and water to do tumbling state, and with the network continuously forward, in the water, high-end with spray head, high-pressure flushing.

Characteristics of Apple washing Equipment
1. Save water, save electricity, time, clean and sanitary. 
2. No damage to vegetables, high efficiency, small occupied area, safe and reliable. 
3. This washing machine is easy to install, easy to operate, easy to maintain, low energy consumption.

Technical Data
Model GGCY-2500 GGCY-3000 GGCY4000 GGCY5000
Power 0.75kw/2.2kw 0.75kw/3kw 2.57kw/380v 3.37kw/380v
Capacity 300-500kg/h 500-1000kg/h 1000-1500kg/h 2000-2500kg/h
Weight 380kg 460kg 220kg 260kg
Dimension 2800*1200*1400mm 3000*1200*1400mm 4130*1010*1550mm 5200*1010*1550mm


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