Cone Making Machine Manufacturer in China--GELGOOG Machinery

2018-07-17 by Lisa
GELGOOG Machinery is a cone making machine manufacturer, it is a professional manufacturer of ice cream cone equipment manufacturers, so far the company has developed dozens of different cone machinery. The company was founded in 2010, is now more than 8 years of history, in these eight years, the company's continuous progress, absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad, but also painstaking research on a variety of new technologies. GELGOOG Machinery's main products have wafer ice cream cone machine, rolled sugar cone machine, pizza cone machine, pizzelle cookie machine, pizza vending machine, wafer biscuit machine, biscuit production line, egg tart machine, egg breaking machine, dough machine, donut machine, waffle biscuit machine, Arabian bread machine, pillow type packing machine, etc. 
cone making machine manufacturer--GELGOOG Machinery
GELGOOG Machinery Factory is located in Zhengzhou, Henan province, strategic location, near the high-speed rail. The company has hundreds of employees, all their own duties. In addition to Zhengzhou city, GELGOOG Machinery also established offices in other regions, such as Guangzhou office, Huanan City office, as well as Shandong and other regions. The company has professional engineers, first-class sales team, after-sales service team, customer purchase machine can be assured to use, customers have any demand can be brought to us, we will do our best to meet your requirements. All of the company's machines are made of high-quality materials, food contact part of the stainless steel, GELGOOG Machinery can also be customized according to customer requirements to customize the machine.

If you are looking for the cone making machine manufacturer, do not hesitate to choose our GELGOOG Machinery, here have high-quality cone machinery for your choice, production and diverse styles. More importantly, there are specialized technical team for you to design machines, first-class sales team to serve you, after-sales service team for you to solve any problems.

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