Commercial Cake Cone Machine|Ice Cream Cone Maker Machine

  • Output:1200-1400 PCS/H
  • Voltage:380 V
  • Power: 18 KW
  • Payment Method: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Cake Cone Machine Introduction
Cake cone also named ice cream cone, this product produced by cake cone machine, this machine is mainly used to make different shapes and sizes of ice cream cones, each machine equipped with different moulds, that can make different types ice cream cones. The machine is based on the old machine, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, while combining its own advantages to create. The machine's outsourcing material is carbon steel, carbon steel color can be customized according to customer requirements, and food contact with the site is 304 stainless steel, to ensure food health. Commercial cake cone machine mold determines the shape of the ice cream cones, usually the material into the lower mold, adjust the temperature, wait for 1 minute or two, the ice cream cone can be formed, and from the bottom of the machine slide out.

Commercial Ice Cream Cone Maker Machine Working Video

Ice Cream Cone Maker Machine Features
1. High quality stainless steel materials: The body of all contact with the food parts are used food-grade material production, health and hygiene.
2. The machine is equipped with different molds, can make different cone, shape and size can be customized.
3. The machine has a variety of production, targeting different customer groups.
4. Cake cone machine operation is simple, through manual operation, one person can do.
commercial cake cone machine
Technical Data
Model GGDW-40C
Quantity of moulds 40PCS
Capacity(PCS/H) 1200-1400
Baking time 1-2 minutes
Operation Semi automatic
Power 18KW
Voltage 380V
Machine size(MM) 1080*890*1465
Packing size(MM) 1120*930*1620
Net Weight 660KG
Gross weight 720KG


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