Commercial Plantain Peeler Machine|Green Banana Skin Removing Machine

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Banana Skin Removing Machine Description
Developed by the company's banana peeling machine, the use of integrated automatic stripping method, conveyor belt automatic feeding, automatic peeling processing technology, can quickly remove the banana peel. The machine can handle banana 800-2000kg per hour (depending on the size of the banana), the machine to any curvature of the banana, any size of bananas, any shape of the banana can be perfectly peeled, and peeled fast, good results, is currently the world's exclusive invention of the latest technology products, but also the global banana processing plant must be selected products!
banana skin removing machine
Banana Peeler Machine has the following advantages and characteristics:
1, The banana peeler machine on the material, peeling integration.
2, The machine automatic peeling, peeled clean, flesh intact.
3, This machine produces high, can peel 1000kg-2000kg per hour.
4, The machine adapted to ripe and raw banana peeling.
5, After peeling, the banana pulp and peel can be separated and exported automatically.

This plantain peeler machine adopt manual feeding, automatic tare processing technology, green banana peel is removed quickly, equipment is divided into 4-8 groups SBC, the size of the aircraft on the banana, banana camber, etc. No special requirements, the aircraft has applied for international patents. If you want to know more, please email to, we will send you machine price and details.

Technical Data
Model GG-340
Capacity (pcs/min) 340-360 pcs/min
Power (kw) 2.5 kw
Voltage (v) 220 V, 50Hz


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