Breakfast Puffed Grain Machine|Corn Flakes Production Line

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Description of Automatic Corn Flakes Production Line
Corn flakes is one of the puffed grain, is a new type of breakfast food with high nutritional value. It is mainly made of cereals and processed by cooking or extrusion. The puffed grain machine is widely used for puffed wheat, rice manufacturing.
Breakfast Puffed Grain Making Machine
The Characteristics of Corn Flakes Production Line
1) Ingredients: The ingredients of corn flakes are very important. The seasoning must ensure a good taste, especially the requirements of corn raw materials, which is directly related to the ability to make high-quality corn flakes products, and the ratio of various nutrients, content.
2) Extrusion ripening: The process of extruding and curing of corn flakes is the key to producing high-quality corn flakes. Corn flakes must be fully cooked without any puffing. Only in this way can corn flakes be made dense, hard and crisp with outstanding flavor.
3) Cutting: Cut and ripe the single-screw extruder into granulated materials of the same size. The materials are translucent.
4) Pre-drying: The cut and formed materials enter the dryer for pre-drying. After the surface is dried, a certain tension is formed, which no longer adheres to each other, which is conducive to the smooth progress of tabletting.
Breakfast Puffed Corn Flakes Making Machine
5) Tableting: The tableting process is also the key in the production of corn flakes. The requirements for the tableting machine are very high. The surface of the roll must have a high degree of smoothness, and the roll must be constant temperature.
6) High-temperature roasting: Whether the corn flakes product has a hard, crisp, dense structure and outstanding corn flavor, the roasting process is very important.
7) The baked corn flakes are corn flakes products after cooling. At present, there are also many corn flakes for post-processing, sugar-coated, salt-fried or chocolate-coated, mostly based on market demand.

Equipment Composition of Puffed Corn Flakes Making Machine
Mixing machine → Feeder → Screw extractor → Traction cutting machine → Z-type conveyor → Five-layer drying box → Z-type conveyor → Continuous fryer → Deoiling machine → Seasoning machine
Puffed Corn Flakes Production Line
The Advantages of Breakfast Puffed Grain Machine
1. The production line has been continuously improved, with a higher degree of automation, high efficiency and large output.
2. The raw materials have been changed from corn kernels at the beginning to corn flour, and single screw extruder instead of cooking.
3. Extrusion is also completed on the extruder at one time. By pre-drying and tableting, the product is more uniform and tastes better.
4. Use the drying oven to bake puffed grain to make the product's flavor more prominent.
5. Corn flakes production line has different output options to meet the needs of different customers.
Technical Data
Name Model Capacity Power Size
Mixing machine GGBF-III 50kg/time 5.5kw 1350*1050*1200 mm
Screw Mixer GGZLSJ 110-140kg/h 1.12kw 3000*850*2400mm
Single screw host GGDLG130 110-140kg/h 43kw 4100*1100*2260mm
Cutting Machine GG130FQ 110-140kg/h 1.75kw 3600*1060*1400mm
z-type conveyor GGFLS 110-140kg/h 0.55kw 4000*900*1200mm
Five-layer drying oven GGWHX-II 200-250kg/h 10.2kw 12000*1400*3000mm
z-type conveyor GGFLS 110-140kg/h 0.55kw 4000*900*1200mm
Frying Machine GGLXZ4000 800-15000kg/h   4200*1350*2300mm
Deoiling Machine GGSYX 110-140kg/h 2.2kw  
Seasoning line GGPG-PF-LQ 100-200kg/h 3.86kw 4800*800*1850mm


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