Batch Type Vegetables Dewatering|Fried Food Deoiling Machine

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Vegetables Dewatering Machine Description
Stainless steel inverter automatic vegetables dewatering machine also called fried food deoiling machine, it is suitable for all kinds of fruits, vegetables dehydration, fried food remove oil, the machine is the principle of mechanical centrifugal, through the high-speed rotation of the barrel, water, oil thrown out, and the collection of devices. Mainly used in fruits and vegetables, such as water after the drain and fried food fried after frying the surface oil, the next step in favor of products faster and faster. GELGOOG Machinery production dehydration oil removal machine, all stainless steel manufacturing, fully closed, digital control, automatic electromagnetic braking.
dewatering deoiling machine
Features of Fried Food Deoiling Machine
The vegetables dewatering machine operation without hitting the ground pile, no sports car, dehydration and oil removal rate is high.
1, after the installation of equipment, the designated operator of your company for free guidance training, so that it can master the operation of fried food deoiling machine and maintenance of the general.
2, in the equipment acceptance of the date of delivery, the product to provide a one-year free warranty, (including natural damage parts costs, except for electrical components, such as your company personnel due to improper operation caused by damage, after consultation only to collect the appropriate material fees).
After the expiration of the warranty, our company to provide a permanent warranty, only the appropriate cost fees, free of labor costs.
french fries deoiling machine
3, in order to ensure that your company's equipment to achieve the most ideal operating results, but also to save my company's maintenance costs, in the warranty period to ensure that the regular delivery of professional and technical personnel to repair and maintenance of products.
4, when the vegetables dewatering machine failure, we received your notice, timely transfer arrangements to the on-site repair, to ensure the normal operation of equipment. The machine can be based on special models, special custom-made, the company has specialized research and development design departments, according to customers to provide program improvement or research and development order.
The company wholeheartedly welcome all sectors of the community came to discuss business. If you are interested with this vegetables dewatering machine and fried food deoiling machine, please contact this email
Technical Data
Model GG-400 GG-500 GG-600 GG-800
Capacity 5kg/time
Power 1.1Kw 1.5kw 2.2kw 4kw
Voltage 380v,50hz,three phase
Weight 300kg 380kg 420kg 500kg
Size 1000*500*750mm 1100*600*800mm 1200*700*800mm 1400*900*850mm


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