SS Fishcake Frying Machine in Korea|Corn Chips Fryer Automatic

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What is the Fishcake Frying Machine?
As its name suggests, it is mainly an automatic deep fryer used to fry snacks such as fish cakes, donuts, twists, meatballs, curry puff, corn chips and so on. The overall shape of the fryer is square, and the body is a large round pot.
Automatic Frying Machine for Fishcake, Corn Chips
The Characteristics of Automatic Fishcake Fryer Machine
1. The shape is changed. The round body of the fishcake frying machine is more fuel efficient than the previous square ones.
2. The equipment has a high degree of automation, with functions such as automatic loading, automatic discharging, automatic temperature control, automatic stirring, automatic draining, and automatic filtering.
3. Only one worker can easily complete the operation during the whole frying process, saving time and effort.
4. The fish cake frying machine has a large output. It can fry 100 kg of fried products at a time, with high efficiency and good color.
5. It is made of all stainless steel, the corn chips fryer is bright and bright, food-grade materials, fried food is healthy.

Working Video of Corn Chips Fryer Machine

Advantages of Korea Fishcake Frying Machine
1. It integrates the functions of frying, oil dumping and conveying. It has a compact structure and complete functions.
2. All actions of the frying process are controlled by PLC centrally and run automatically with high degree of automation.
3. The temperature control system and reasonable mixing device are adopted to ensure better frying effect of food.
4. High efficiency fuel (steam) burner for heating, fast heating, low energy consumption and high thermal efficiency.

The corn chips frying machine is hot in many countries, such as North Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Canada, India, etc. If you need large capacity, we also have continuous frying machine for fried snacks.

Technical Data
Model GGZYD100
Heating method Electric/Gas
Capacity 20-40kg/time
Amount of oil 320L
Fried frame size φ1000*400
Machine size 1500*1400*1700MM


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