Thin Spring Roll Sheet Machine|Chinese Peking Duck Wrapper Equipment

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This spring roll sheet machine need one person operation, it can produce spring roll wrapper, injera, lumpia, hand pastry, pancake, Peking Duck wrappers and so on.
Spring Roll Wrappers Machine
Advantages of Chinese Peaking Duck Wrapper Making Machine
1. Production of spring roll sheet size(thickness, diameter) can be adjusted, softness, hardness can be controlled.
2. Spring roll wrapper making machine is a automatic equipment, just need one worker, saving labor and cost.
3. This equipment is made of stainless steel 304 materaial, safe production and easy to clean.
4. If you want make different size and shapes, we can customized the mould according to your requirements.

Production Process Video of Spring Roll Wrapper Making Machine

Features of Spring Roll Wrapper Equipment
A. Customers can choose the round or rectangle shapes of spring roll wrappers accoding to theirs requirement.
B. This wrappers making machine's speed, temperature and wrapper thickness can be adjustable.
C. The spring roll sheet machine is mainly divided into four parts, batter mixer, baking machine, conveyor belt, cutting machine, stacking machine.
D. This equipment has different models, that can make the spring roll sheets with different capacity.

Technical Data
Model GGSR-3620        GGSR-5029 GGSR-8045 GGSR-12060 GGSR-1206011
Voltage  380V  380V  380V  380V  380V
Capacity(kg/h) 500-1000 1000-1500 3000-4500 4500-7000 12000
Thickness of Spring Roll  0.3-2.0 0.3-2.0 0.3-2.0 0.3-2.0 0.3-2.0
Width of Spring Roll 200 290 450 600 600
Machine Size(mm) 1950*800*1200 2150*950*1350 2600*1100*1600 3300*1500*2200 3300*2700*2300
Net Weight(kg) 330 520 1000 1250 3500


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