Automatic Macaroni Production Line For Bucatini Business

  • Output:80-120 kg/h
  • Voltage: 380 V
  • Power: 45kw
  • Payment Method: T/T, L/C, Western Union
The automatic macaroni production line is an extrusion processing equipment developed by our factory on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology. Specially used for large and medium-sized macaroni bucatini business. The performance and quality of the equipment have reached the international advanced level of similar products.
Automatic Macaroni Production Line Price
This commercial bucatini machine can make many different types of macaroni, there are curved, straight, inclined tube, spiral and so on. It is usually made by large-scale extrusion. The curved shape is created by different speeds of extrusion on opposite sides of the pasta tube as it comes out of the machine.
Types of Macaroni Making Machine
The production line consists of raw material batching, raw material transportation, extrusion molding, and baking until the finished product can be completed at one time. Can produce all kinds of macaroni food, gemelli, penne, rigatoni, fusilli, conchiglie, ziti, bucatini.

Working Video of Automatic Macaroni Production Line

Advantages of Commercial Bucatini Machine
1. Stable Performance: Adopting imported frequency or electromagnetic controlling system, high automation and smooth operation. 
2. Variety: There are many shapes of ring, round tube, square tube, sprial, shell, 3S, circle tube and so on according to change the mould on the extruder head. 
3. Principle: Macaroni is through the single screw extruder or twin screw extruder high pressure extruding, high temperature heating finally through the mould to form different shapes.
Industrial Macaroni Production Line
4. Permanent Working Life: with special material and technology, the screw and nut involved can work continuously for 2 year under conditions of high wear and pressure.
5. Raw Materials: The raw material adopts potato starch, rice powder, corn starch, cassava starch, wheat flour, corn flour etc. The capacity can be customized according to customer’s requirement.
Automatic Macaroni Production Line Manufacturer
The whole automatic macaroni production line mainly includes powder mixer, screw conveyor, single screw extruder, cutter, elevator, drying oven, cooling conveyor and so on. High work efficiency, reliable quality, sturdiness and durability, and powerful functions. If you are interested in our equipment, you can contact us at any time.

Technical Data
Model GGDL-3000-A
Voltage 380 V/50Hz,3 phase
Installed Power 59 kw
Power consumption 45kw
Capacity 80-120 kg/h
Size 25000*15000*2500mm

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