Spring Roll Skin Making Machine|Spring Roll Wrapper Machine

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The working principle of the spring roll skin making machine:
In accordance with the production process of the slurry, the surface slurry is made well. After heating the flour through a round roast wheel, it becomes a fixed thickness of spring roll skin or other flaky food.
spring roll skin making machine
Technological process:
The slurry prepared into slurry tank, according to the technological requirements when heated to a suitable temperature bake round after the start will be sent to the surface of the slurry pump nozzle, operation clutch lever, the surface plasma arc surface adhesion in baking process round, with the baked wheel 270-300 degrees. When the surface curing slurry automatic, and roasted round of separation, to form a fixed thickness of the skin or immediately roll Spring rolls spring rolls. The heating mode of the roast wheel is divided into electric heating and gas heating for the user to choose.
Equipment features of spring roll skin maker:
Automatic counting and continuous pressure surface conversion
The photoelectric control counting and automatic dusting
Adjustment of the thickness of the output belt by an eccentric wheel
Automatic shutdown time can be set
Double safety protection to ensure safe operation.
spring roll wrapper machine
Spring roll skin machine after-sale service:
(1) our company has a one-year free warranty on the products sold and the commitment to life-long maintenance.
(2) The company is responsible for the installation and commissioning of the equipment on the site. Ensure that the equipment is a brand new product according to customer needs.
(3) To provide specific training for the technicians of the demand side, so as to facilitate the normal operation and operation of the equipment.
(4) The equipment factory is equipped with instructions, company publicity materials, maintenance card and certificate of qualification.

The teasting video of spring roll wrapper machine:
Technical Data
Model GG-5029 GG-8045
Dimension 4.7*0.95*1.58m 5.2*1*1.5m
Power 13.2 kw 38kw
Host  Power 0.75 kw 0.75 kw
Power Cutter 0.55 kw 0.55 kw
Belt  Power 0.55 kw 0.55 kw
N. W. 800kg 1000 kg
Thickness 0.3-1.0mm 0.3-1.0mm
Capacity 1000-1600pcs/h 3500pcs/h


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