Tomato Sauce Grinder Machine|Ginger Garlic Paste Making Machine Price

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Tomato sauce grinder machine description
The machine is suitable for ultrafine grinding of wet materials in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. It can break, emulsify, homogenize and mix various semi-fluid and emulsion materials. The main technical indicators have reached the advanced level of similar foreign products level.
grinding machine for tomato, ginger, garlic
Working principle:
The machine is through the different geometry of the stator and rotor in the high-speed rotation of the relative movement, through the shear, grinding, high frequency vibration and broken. There are three grinding zones in the crushing chamber, one is a coarse grinding zone, two is a fine grinding zone, and the third is an ultrafine grinding zone. By adjusting the gap of the stator and rotor, it can effectively achieve the required one-off Super micro crushing effect (can also be cycled). The machine has the characteristics of compact structure, balanced operation, low noise, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, convenient maintenance, etc. It is currently the ideal equipment for domestic wet crushing.
Application of ginger garlic paste making machine
Food Industry: Peanut butter, sesame, peanut milk, soybean, bean paste, dairy products, bean paste, protein milk, soy milk, aloe, pineapple, sesame, fruit tea, ice cream, moon cake filling, butter, jam, fruit juice, malted milk, essence , various drinks and so on.
Sauce grinding machine is a kind of special food machine specially developed by our company for processing peanut paste, sesame, walnut and other oil-bearing crops with high oil content. Its appearance is basically the same as that used in chemical colloid mills. For the processing characteristics of food materials, we adopted a differentiated design in the internal structure of the machine and the material used in the material. The grinding head part performs special processing according to the characteristics of the material, which further increases the processing fineness of the material and increases the output. Adjustable thickness of the grinding head design, can meet more customer requirements, increase the diameter of water-cooled circulation pipe, increase the water flow, greatly reducing the temperature rise of the material, making the product taste more natural.
Technical Data
Model GGJMS-110
Fineness 100-200 mesh
Capacity 0.3 t/h
Power 7.5 kw
Weight 175 kg
Dimension 700*430*980 mm


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