Automatic Sesame Peeling Machine|Benne Seed Peeler Machine

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Brief Introduction of Sesame Peeling Machine
This is a new type of sesame peeling machine, used for removing the sesame seed skin with high efficiency. It is also called benne seed peeler machine.
sesame peeling machine
The peeler machine uses hybrid stirrer, which makes axial shunts, radial shunting and circumferential shunting make sesame flipped fully. It shortens the time for immersing, peeling, and separating, increases the production efficiency, and improves the quality of the product.
The Main Structure of Benne Seed Peeler Machine: This machine is mainly composed of reducer, tank, composite stirrer, separator, heater, positioning device and various import and export structure.

Sesame peeling machine advantages: complete peeling, sesame kernel integrity, white and bright, no smell, good taste, praised by users at home and abroad, equipment in more than 30 countries and regions in the world.
sesame peeler machine
Sesame Peeler Machine Working Principle
Soaking Process Principle: Sesame is soaked with hot water added with a certain amount of caustic soda. The speed reducer drives the stirrer to rotate. Due to the structural characteristics of the composite stirrer, the material is circulated and circulated up and down, and the mixing of sesame and soaking liquid is even and sufficient.

The Working Principle of Sesame Peeling Process: using the relative friction between the stirrer and the sesame, between the sesame and the sesame, the sesame seeds and the kernels are separated to achieve the purpose of peeling the sesame seeds.

The Working Principle of Separation of Skin Kernel: Separation of the sesame seeds is carried out by the separator, and the sesame seeds are retained so as to achieve the purpose of separation of the sesame skin kernels.

Test Working Video for Peeling Sesame Skin:

Technical Data
Model: GG-120
Motor power: 4.1KW
Peeling rate: >=95%
Net weight: 450kg
Dimension: 1400*700*2000mm
Capacity: 4-5T/D


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