100KG/H Industrial Chana Roaster Machine|Chickpea Roasting Machine Electric

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Introduction of the Industrial Chana Roaster Machine
This chana roasting machine is used to baked various nut kernels, for example, chana, peanuts, chestnuts, walnuts, almonds, broad bean, melon seeds and other granular material. It has the features of large production ability, wide range of uses, easy operation, etc.

Chickpeas roaster is a drum type structure, the material can be fully baked, and each machine's capacity is 100 kg/h. This roasting machine has a variety of heating methods, electric heating, gas heating and others.
Electric Chana Roaster Machine
Advantages of Electric Chana Roasting Machine
1. High quality: This series roaster machines' all food contacting parts, inner drum, up and down hopper etc made of stainless steel 304, corrosion-resistant, durable.
2. Free adjustment of temperature: The temperature of the roaster machine can be adjusted according to its own requirements from 0-300℃.
3. Baking quality is good, the finished product color is uniform, equipped with a light device in the machine, after roasted will automatically stop working.
4. Easy to use: Automatic roasting, discharge; chana roasting machine has high efficient and low maintenance, industrial use.
5. Widely usage: Chickpea roasting machine is suitable for baking of granular materials, such as chana, peanut, sesame, watermelon seed, etc.

Testing Video of Industrial Chana Chickpea Roaster Machine

Structure and Performance of Chickpea Roasting Machine
This machine uses the high-temperature flue gas circulation heat dissipation method to radiate thermal energy to the baked object through the heat dissipation pipe. The roasting machine is made of metal material and is a kind of joint baking machine. It can be used in a single machine or in combination with multiple units, it is compact and easy to operate.

The cycloidal pinwheel reducer is used as the power, and the drum is rotated by the chain drive for baking. The machine consumes less coal (oil, gas), has high heat dissipation, and is non-polluting. In addition, the oven body is insulated with light insulation material to ensure the normal working temperature of the oven.

Technical Data
Model Dimension(mm) Output (kg/h) Motor Power Electrical Heating Gas Heating
GGMHK-0 2000*1200*1600 60-80 1.1 kw 16 kw  
GGMHK-1 3000*1200*1700 80—120 1.1 kw 18 kw 2-3 kg
GGMHK-2 3000*2200*1700 180—250 2.2 kw 35 kw 3-6 kg
GGMHK-3 3000*3300*1700 280—350 3.3 kw 45 kw 6-9 kg
GGMHK-4 3000*4400*1700 380—450 4.4 kw 60 kw 9-12 kg
GGMHK-5 3000*5500*1700 500--650 5.5 kw 75 kw 12-15 kg


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