Low Price Rolled Sugar Cone Making Machine for Semi Automatic

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Introduction of Ice Cream Sugar Cone Machine
This rolled sugar cone machine is professional for processing rolled sugar cones. There are two types: flat edge and natural edge ice cream cones. Our company has developed five models, corresponding to different price, and users have a wider choice.
Ice Cream Sugar Cone Making Machine
A baking plate is used to bake a pieces of biscuit sheet. By adjusting the distance between the grouting head and the baking plate, two types of sugar cones can also be made. The whole sugar cone making machine consists of a beating machine, a baking machine, a rolling machine, a storage tank, etc., and is semi-automatically operated.
Sugar Cone Making Machine Manufacturer
Features of Semi Automatic Sugar Cone Making Machine
1. Using high-quality electrical components, this machine is safer to use and durable.
2. The sugar cone has a beautiful appearance and a crisp entrance. The smallest size can be 3cm in diameter and 6cm in length.
3. Good safety performance, high temperature resistance, temperature controllable, and high work efficiency.
4. One person operation, regardless of men, women or children, convenient and practical.
Machine for Making Sugar Cones
Advantages of Rolled Sugar Cone Machine
1. It is the most ideal equipment for rolled sugar cones which is the star in food consumption market now. 
2. The color of those cone are uniform and bright, the taste is crisp and delicious. It is clean and health. 
3. Industrial sugar cone baking machine consists of 12 pcs baking plates, automatic filling, baking and rolling.
4. We overcome the the weak point of old machine which is not high temperature resistant and easy to damage. 
5. Our machine adopted imported heating tube device, maximum limit to enhance the durability of internal heating pipe layout. 

Testing Video of Sugar Cone Making Machine

This rolled sugar cone machine has two heating methods, electric heating and gas heating. If you are interested in our equipment and want to know more information and price, please leave us a message.
Technical Data
Model Capacity Power Biscuit Size Biscuit Thickness Dimension Weight
GGDCD6 300PCS/H 10KW 7-20CM 0.5-4MM 1400*1400*1250MM 250KG
GGDCD9 400-600PCS/H 14.5KW 7-20CM 0.5-4MM 1600*1600*1250MM 270KG
GGDCD12 600-800PCS/H 19KW 7-20CM 0.5-4MM 1700*1700*1250MM 300KG
GGDCD15 800-1000PCS/H 23KW 7-20CM 0.5-4MM 1800*1800*1250MM 330KG
GGDCD18 1000-1200PCS/H 28KW 7-20CM 0.5-4MM 1900*1900*1250MM 360KG


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