High Efficiency Prawn Cracker Production Line in China

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Description of Prawn Cracker Production Line
The production line is mainly composed of feeder, extruder, molding machine, cutting machine, dryer, fryer, and packaging machine, and is widely used for the production of shrimp crackers.
Prawn Cracker Production Line
This cracker making machine is highly automated, and no labor is required in the production process, which saves labor costs. Prawn crackers are the most common snack in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia and Malaysia.

According to this market demand, the company has developed prawn cracker production line, we have different capacity to meet the needs of different customers. Its operation performance, high quality and have reached the advanced level in the same industry.

Testing Video of China Prawn Cracker Production Line

Prawn Crackers Forming Machine
Put cooked starch raw material into the Re-extruder and shaping machine to produce different size shrimp sticks (specifications according to customer needs size).

Shrimp Crackers Cutting Machine
Spotting oil on the edge before cutting, prawn cracker thickness can be adjusted according to customer demand. Fast feeding cut out the chips is thick, slow feeding is cut out thin.

Continuous Frying Machine
This machine can fry prawn crackers with high quality, continuous work, high degree of automation, high efficiency and high output.
Technical Data
Capacity 125kg-150kg/h
Extruder power 18.5kw
Feeder power 3.7kw
From machine power 4kw
Cutting machine power 2.2kw
Cooking machine speed 600 r/min
Outlet machine speed 103 r/min


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