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Brief Introduction of Vegetables Washing Machine
We are vegetables washing machine manufacturer, we mainly produce different models washing machine with high quality. This washing equipment is composed of trough body, inner groove body, sand separating net, hoisting device, bubble generator and so on. This vegetables washing machine is mainly used for removing impurities from vegetables, working with high efficiency, advanced technology. At the same time, the company development, design, production of various products deep-processing assembly line equipment, technology leader, high degree of automation, fine workmanship.
vegetables bubble washing machine
Wide Use of Vegetables Washing Machine
1. Vegetables: chili, green vegetables, ginger and so on.
2. Fruit: Apple, pear, plum, plum and so on.
3. Medicinal Herbs: Platycodon grandiflorum, fine, Tianma, plant ginseng, root, stem, leaf class can be.
4. Candied Fruit: grapes, hawthorn, jujube, plum, crab, strawberries and so on.
commercial vegetables washing machine

Operation Steps of Vegetables Bubble Washing Machine
(1) The water tank is cleaned and filled with water, and the main groove is injected into the fresh water to overflow the mouth;
(2) Start the conveyor network with the motor, so that the network belt normal operation, the direction is correct;
(3) to start the vortex pump, the air into the tank water, so that the water in the box churning;
(4) Open the spray pipe valve, so that the water evenly spray on the net belt;
(5) Check the running parts, determine the normal operation can work;
(6) Look at the cleaning degree of the material, you can clean the individual, and then use the network belt transmission.

Working Principle of Commercial Vegetables Washing Machine
When the material falls into the water, the material is stirred and cleaned by the churning water in the trough body. Material with the sediment and other heavy dirt into the filter net after the precipitation zone, the material in the water to gradually move to the conveyor network belt, was promoted out of the trough body, and then after the spray cleaning, the material two times washed, into the following process. Wash down the rinse, interception by the filter net. In the process of work, the water inlet and spray pipes are always supplied, so that the sewage in the water tank is gradually replaced.

Technical Data
Model GGCY-2500 GGCY-3000 GGCY4000 GGCY5000
Power 0.75kw/2.2kw 0.75kw/3kw 2.57kw/380v 3.37kw/380v
Capacity 300-500kg/h 500-1000kg/h 1000-1500kg/h 2000-2500kg/h
Weight 380kg 460kg 220kg 260kg
Dimension(mm) 2800*1200*1400 3000*1200*1400 4130*1010*1550 5200*1010*1550


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