Garlic Root Cutting Machine|Commercial Garlic Root Cutter

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garlic root cutting machine
Description of garlic root cutting machine:
This equipment is suitable for field and family work, can be one-time cut garlic roots and stalks. Automatic feeding of the equipment, automatic cutting root to the seedlings, automatically cut the garlic into the bag, and cut clean, fast speed, good effect. The model is compact, lightweight, easy to operate, saves electricity, improves efficiency, and can cut garlic by 500-700kg per hour.

The machine has completely changed the size of the artificial cutting of garlic, the bottom of efficiency, the disorder of the work order, and really achieved twice the result of half the effort. Simple and convenient operation, smooth work, no pollution and low power consumption are the obvious features of the machine. The power voltage of the device is 200V, and it can be used directly in the field for the use of 48V battery power supply for electric vehicles for the convenience of users. The design of this machine is small and light, easy to operate, save electricity and improve efficiency.
machine for cutting garlic root
This garlic root cutter machine is suitable for fresh garlic to root, root to smooth, not to hurt the garlic, high yield, high working efficiency, can be directly used in the field of simple operation, can work on both sides at the same time, is the first choice of garlic growers. The price is fair, the quality is guaranteed, and welcome to choose and buy. My email is

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Technical Data
Model GGQ-02
Voltage 220V
Power 0.5Kw
Capacity 500-700Kg/h
Dimensions 770*650*870mm
Weight 40kg


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