Best Commercial Electric Doughnut Frying Machine in Bakery

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Description of Doughnut Frying Machine
The fryer is a commercial type device for frying food. Professional frying equipment can be used to fry donuts, twists, fritters, chin chin, chicken wings, chicken nuggets and other meats.
Automatic Doughnut Frying Machine in Wide Application
This doughnut frying machine uses oil-water mixing technology. The oil-water is automatically divided into two layers, upper layer is fried material and the lower layer is water. It is used to absorb some impurities and can be removed in time. This will not waste oil and avoid black oil or acidification problems.

Scope of Application of Commercial Doughnut Frying Machine
This donut fryer machine is developed specially for customers such as restaurant, fried chicken store, bakery and etc. It has large production ability, meanwhile it is suitable for snack factories. 

How does Donut Fryer Machine works? Here is a working video show for you.

Features of Electric Donut Frying Machine
  1. Adopts intelligent digital display temperature controlling device with convenient and practical function. Frying temperate can be controlled by yourself, it depends on your fried material.
  2. Made of high quality stainless steel with exquisite technique, compared to other materials, the electric donut fryer is brighter and meets food hygiene requirements.
  3. The donut fryer machine with oil-water mixing technology can save 40% electricity and 50% oil, which is very energy-efficient and cost-effective.
  4. Advanced oil water integrate technology can achieve residua filtered automatically so avoid oil acid value incensement and black oil, reduce lampblack greatly.

Best Deep Fryer Machine for Doughnut's Advantages
1. Our fryer is a smoke-free multifunctional fryer. It adopts international advanced water-oil frying technology to ensure the quality and taste of the product. Compared with the traditional fryer, it solves the problems of various materials, such as string taste and poor cleaning of impurities.
2. The doughnut frying machine has low energy consumption and low investment cost. It is an ideal equipment for small and medium food processing enterprises. There are mainly two types of electric heating and gas heating, with large output and fast frying speed.
3. When the electric donut fryer machine is working, the noise is low and there is no oil fume, which ensures the health of the operator.
Technical Data
Model GGZYD1200
Heating Type Electric
Power 48 kw
Mixing Power 0.37kw
Discharging Power 0.75kw
Capacity 100-150 kg/h
Dimension 1700*1500*1700mm
Voltage 380 v
Frying Pot Size φ1000*400mm
Weight 500 kg


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