How Much is the Budget for the Egg Tart Production Line

2023-03-20 by Lisa
Egg tarts are one of the best-selling products in bakeries. People use egg tart machine to produce egg tarts in various shapes to meet the different needs. So, how much is the budget for the egg tart production line? Below, we will explain it to you.
Automatic Egg Tart Machine Price

Let's look at the composition of the egg tart equipment:

  1. Dough making machine: The raw materials are mixed into dough, and the dough suitable for making egg tart shell.
  2. Egg tart shell forming machine: The dough is made into egg tart shells through pressing and molding process, and the size and thickness can be adjusted as required.
  3. Filling mixing machine: Mix egg liquid, milk, sugar and other materials to make egg tart fillings.
  4. Egg tart filling machine: Pour the egg tart filling into the egg tart shell, and adjust the amount of injection as needed.
  5. Baking equipment: Put the egg tart skin with the egg tart filling into the rotary oven for baking, so that the surface is golden and crisp, and the inside is soft and delicious.
  6. Cooling machine: The baked egg tart is taken out from the oven, and after being processed by a cooling machine, it is cooled down and reaches the best edible state.
  7. Packaging machine: The cooled egg tarts are packaged, and can be vacuum-packed or sealed-packed as required to ensure their freshness and mouthfeel.

Egg Tart Production Line Price

Budget for Egg Tart Production Line

The price and budget of the egg tart line vary depending on the manufacturer, scale and configuration. Generally speaking, the price of small and medium-sized egg tart production lines is between $15,000 and $45,000, while the price of large production lines is higher. It is necessary to select the appropriate production line according to actual needs, and communicate and negotiate with the production line manufacturer to obtain the optimal price and configuration plan.

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