Electric Ethiopia Injera Maker Machine For Sale in Low Price

  • Output:500-700 pcs/h
  • Voltage:380 V
  • Power: /
  • Payment Method: T/T, L/C, Western Union

The Usage of Injera Maker Machine

This ethiopian injera machine can make ethiopian injera, curry horn skin, egg skin and french pancake, etc with a thickness of 0.3-2 mm, diameter of 500mm, which is suitable for food factories, restaurants, fast food restaurants, etc.
Injera Maker Machine in Factory

Principles and Processes of Pancake Maker Machine

Principle: the paste is made according to the requirements of the food production, and the surface paste is heated and roasted after a round baking wheel, and then becomes a fixed thickness Ethiopia injera, pancake, etc flaky food.
Injera Making Machine in Ethiopia
Process: the surface slurry prepared into slurry tank, when the baking wheel is heated to 160 DEG C; start the pump will be sent to the surface of the slurry nozzle, operating the clutch operating lever, so that the surface adhesion in the plasma arc surface baking wheel, with the baked wheel rotates 270-300 degrees.

When the slurry surface curing, automatic roast and round separation, to form a fixed thickness of the Ethiopian injera after cutting machine, cut into the box, can be folded for sale, or immediately wrapped spring rolls.
Injera Making Machine For Sale

Characteristics of Ethiopian Injera Machine For Sale

  • The roast wheel is made of special alloy steel, and it is not deformed.
  • High precision spray nozzle, the thick thin of injera is uniform.
  • Microcomputer temperature control system, easy to operate.
  • The machine conforms to the European CE safety standard.
  • Fully automatic cutting, forming, baking, stacking, saving time and labor.
  • This machine made of stainless steel, which conform to food hygiene standard. With the width of 450mm.

Working Video of Low Price Injera Maker Machine

Technical Data
Model GGSR-12060 GGSR-12060-II
Dia. of heating Cylinder 1200mm 1200mm
Size of machine 6.2*1.15*2.0m 6.2*2.4*2.5m
Electric Power 59kw or gas 100KW or gas
Host  Power 0.75KW 0.75KW
Power Cutter 0.55KW 1.1KW
Belt  Power 0.55KW 1.1KW
N. W. 1200kg 2500kg
Size of the sheet ( Max) Round dia: 500mm
Round dia:500mm
Thickness of the sheet 0.3-2.0mm 0.3-2.0 mm
Production capacity 14000pcs/h 28000pcs/h


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