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1. Sawdust Crusher
Advantage and application of sawdust crusher:
Sawdust crusher can crush many kinds wood-waste The whole production line can help you make the materials into the excellent wood fibers, flour and sawdust directly, save energy, high efficiency, easy operation and maintenance,etc.
Advantages of Air Current Type Dryer:
This Air Current Type dryer can reduce the humidity of wood materials below 12% per time. The Cost of this Air Current dryer is much lower than Rotary dryer. It is professionally designed for drying different kinds of wood sawdust. It has advantages of low cost, low consumption, high capacity, easy operation and maintenance, etc. In addition, the round places of pipes can be changed to any angle which can save space and solve plant dimension limitation. 
3.Briquette Machine
Features of Sawdust Briquette Machine:
a. Stick shape with different diameter
b. The density, strength and hardness of products are very high.
c. With higher capacity and lower energy consumption.
d. Production moisture is 8-12%
e. This series of briquette machine is a new type of briquette  machine, the finished products are more solid.
f. This Sawdust Briquette Machine with automatic temperature control system is designed to produce high density wood briquette stick from biomass.
4.Carbonization furnace
Advantages of Carbonization furnace
a. Save the labor and energy.
b. Operation is easy, one person can operate 3-5 set carbonization stove.
c. Continuous operation, can working 24 hours continuously.
M. It will need 12 hours for carbonizing and Wait for about 8-12hours to make sure the burning briquettes are then open the furnace to check the quality the charcoal.
d. Advanced smoke-free energy-saving oven, equipped with high class filter than can quickly decompose the moisture and tar from smoke. To achieve no smoke and environment-protection. This machine is equipped with an exhaust gas recycling equipment. O.
e. Heater can be reuse and larger effective volume.
f. No-leak Gas, storage tar, long time life.
5.packing machine:
Infrared Contraction Packing Machine is an advanced packing machine in the market now. It adopts infrared quartz pipe to heat the packing material. So it can efficiently save the electric power. The contraction temperature and transmission speed are adjustable. Adopt infrared quartz heating tube and air circulation heating, uniform shrinkage, stable and reliable performance, good effect packaging , reasonable structure, beautiful and easy, convenient operation and maintenance, apply to the floor, cans, glass, beer, mineral water, etc in PE or PVC shrinkable packaging. biomass charcoal briquette production line
This machine uses contracting pellicle to pack the wood/charcoal briquettes, you have to send it by hand into the packing machine, then the packing-material will be heated and contracted to enswathe the briquettes. In this way, the briquettes can be airproof, damp proof, and pollution proof. It also can prevent the wood briquette from the exterior concussion in some extent.
Technical Data
1.Crushing Machine
Model GGF-2
Capacity  700-800 kg/h
Material Size ≤200 mm
Motor 11 kw
Size  1250*700*2000 mm
Weight 400 kg

 2.Vibrating Screen
Model GG-2
Screen size 500*1500 mm
Grit size 3-4 mm
Motor 0.8 KW
Output: 5-6 T/H
Dimension 2640*808*848 mm

3.Sawdust Dryer Machine
Model GGH-1 GGH-2
Productivity 400-650 kg/h 800-1000KG/h
Temperature of heating air 180℃-250℃ 180℃-250℃
diameter of feed in(mm) ≦5 ≦5
Motor power 4 kw 7.5kw

4.Sawdust Briquetting Machine
Model GGH-1 GGH-2
Productivity 400-650 kg/h 800-1000KG/h
Temperature of heating air 180℃-250℃ 180℃-250℃
diameter of feed in(mm) ≦5 ≦5
Motor power 4 kw 7.5kw

5.Carbonizing Stove
Model  Power Capacity Furance temperature Size
GGTH-20 1.5kw 1T 450℃ 2300×1600×2000mm


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