Round Disposable Wooden Chopsticks Making Line

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This machine line is used to make wood chopsticks from wood boards.The various types of available round timber , square timber sand small wood shall be process into the dryer square wood board length of 500mm , width of 60mm, thickness of 32-34mm , which can be used to make the chopsticks by our machine line , then you can put the materials of wood board of length:500mm width 60mm thickness 32-34mm into our following 1 to 5 machines to process into chopsticks.The usual chopstick size is: diameter of 5.5mm length less than: 240mm, and also we can make the chopstick according the size client requirements.
Production process: wood dissection machine →wood set-size machine→wood chopsticks shaping machine →chopsticks sharpen machine → polishing machine→knife sharpening machine→ chopsticks packing machine
1.The whole line with capacity 100,000 pairs per 8 hours,needs 3-4 workers. 
2.One M3 raw wood can make 55,000 pairs chopsticks(dia 5.0mm,210mm length).
3. Multi functional. The production line can make square incense stick , round incense 
stick, bamboo round chopstick, bamboo stick.
4. As to the incense stick , it can produce the many kinds of diameters of stick as your 
5.High efficient and save manual labour, the entire line just needs 3-4 persons.
6.Our machines can use the leftover materials from Wooden furniture factory and Wooden crafts factory or undersized tree to produce different specification round chopsticks .
Technical Data
NO. Name Power(kw) Size(cm) Weight(kg)
LG1 Timber Slicer 0.55
115×60×110 360
LG2 Wood-wool Sharpener Former 1.1
110×65×110 380
LG3 Wood-wool set-size machine 0.75 140×66×88 80
LG4 Polisher 2.2 215×100×85 300
LG5 Round Chopstick Head sharpener 0.55
145×88×105 280
LG6 Multifunctional blade sharpener 0.37 75×50×95 65


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