Industrial GELGOOG Ice Cream Cone Machine For Sale

  • Output:800-1000pcs/h
  • Voltage:380V
  • Power: 15kw
  • Payment Method: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Introduction of Ice Cream Cone Machine
GELGOOG company produced the ice cream cone machine with user-friendly design, simple operation, industrial use. It is divided into the upper mold and lower mold, the food grade materials used in all parts are healthy and hygienic.

Small capacity, low price, suitable for people to start ice cream cone business, the GELGOOG ice cream cone machine is a professional equipment to make the wafer cones with different shapes and sizes, it's capacity is 800-1000pcs/h. Professional for ice cream cone making, the same species of mold can be used interchangeably, to produce different shapes of cone, can also according to the specifications of customer’s capacity design and color shape for its special design and manufacture.
GELGOOG Ice Cream Cone Machines
Features of GELGOOG Ice Cream Cone Machine
1. The surface is made of food grade materials, beautiful facade, easy to remove.
2. The temperature is controlled by button, so users can set temperature according to theirs needs.
3. Moulds could be changed, one ice cream cone machine can equipped with different moulds, that can make various ice cream cones.
4. The equipment is for sale in many countries. 
5. Made of stainless steel, healthy and durable. Easy to operate, one person can operate it absolutely.

How to Work?
Turn on the power switch, using the temperature control knob to increase temperature, when the temperature of upper mold rise up, then open the lower mold, and pour into pastes, pull down the upper mold, the upper and lower molds are combined. One or two minutes later, the ice cream cone can shape, the upper mold to pull up, lower mold opened, and the cone biscuit will automatically fall into channel.
Advantages of Industrial Ice Cream Cone Machine
The commercial ice cream cone making machine is designed with humanization, simple operation, factory price. The machine made of 304 stainless steel, beautiful appearance, easy to operate. And you can set temperature according to your needs, the temperature can be showed automatically. 

Different molds for different size and shape cones are available, so you can replace the molds on the machine according to your needs. There are many different capacity products, you can choose different baking numbers of the machine. Our GELGOOG ice cream cone machine can  produce high quality ice cream cones and you will satisfied.

Technical Data
Model GGDW-32C
Capacity 800-1000pcs/h
Quantity of moulds 32PCS
Baking time 1-2 Minutes
Operation Semi automatic
Power 15kw
Voltage 380V/220V
Machine size 880*880*1380mm
Packing size 900*1000*1540mm
Net Weight 450kg
Gross Weight 510kg


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