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This chicken wings frying machine is made of stainless steel 304, it is widely used for frying chicken nuggets, chicken wings, meat ball, samosa, french fries, potato chips, banana chips, green peas and other fried food.

The fryer machine is designed to achieve a full range of automation frying for meat products and others. It adopts oil and water mix techonolagy, the material is stainless steel 304, anti-corrosion, anti-rust. It is the professional frying equipment for frying food. Good quality and affordable price.
Chicken Nuggets Frying Machine
Features of Automatic Chicken Nuggets Fryer Machine
1. Feeding machine to achieve automatic lifting from the hopper, automatic quantitative, uniform feeding, feeding volume adjustable four major functions.
2. The oil tank does not set heating facilities, only the design of the bottom scraper system, the lower material conveyor belt role, the material moisture and fried when the material sent out. 
3. The upper net belt type will fry the floating product in the process pressure to the oil, causes the material to fry thoroughly, and realizes the timing to be consistent.
4. Using mesh belt conveyor, the upper design high-pressure wind knife to oil, the design of the three fan hair dryer, the bottom of the design of oil tray, achieve the function of oil cooling.
Chicken Nuggets Frying Machine
Frying Hood design for the full closed, in the high part of the design of the exhaust chimney export, completely change the traditional frying machine design in the middle of the exhaust heat loss, the smoke row is not clean, etc problem. 
Realize the chicken nuggets frying machine does not smoke out and design fire prevention function. The lifting frame is designed for electric lifting and manual lifting dual-use type. It is the role of the hood and conveyor network with the rack at the same time to increase the height of the frying trough, can be placed security bars, to achieve safe operation. 
Frying Machine for Chicken Nuggets
Chicken nuggets fryer machine heating groove designed as a stand-alone, so that the pure oil heating without food residue, there will be no smoke phenomenon, and will never occur fire phenomenon. Filter is to filter all clean, at the same time can realize automatic slag, fine filtration.

Testing Video of Chicken Wings Frying Machine
Technical Data
100-300 kg/h


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