Industrial Use Crepe Making Machine For Sale 500-1000PCS/H

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Introduction of Industrial Crepe Making Machine
It is a equipment that heats the batter through a round baking wheel to become a crepes, spring roll skin of a fixed thickness or other flaky foods. There are round and square shapes, at least 500 pieces per hour can be produced.
Industrial Use Crepe Making Machine
The whole processing line include the main parts: Mixing System, Paste Feeding System, Heating and molding machine, Heating Chunking, Cutting Parts, Conveying Parts, Cooling System, Sheet Stacking System.

How to Use Crepe Making Machine For Sale?

This machine can make crepe, spring roll wrappers, samosa wrapper, egg sheet, french crepes, pancake. And the thickness range from 0.3 to 2 mm. The spring roll sheet making machine can also make other sheet shape food, suitable for food factory, hotels, restaurants, etc.

The Main Advantages of Industrial Crepe Making Machine
1. Energy saving and high efficiency: The machine adopts advanced temperature control system to make the temperature reach zero error, no heat waste, achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection, and reduce energy costs.
2. Simple operation: after pressing the switch, the crepe machine automatically sizing to produce the finished product. Pressing the cake and heating is done at the same time, and the cake can be sold directly. The operating system is simple and can be operated by one person, saving labor costs to the greatest extent. Save time and effort.
3. Humanized structure design: easy maintenance and cleaning; lightweight body, reasonable design, compact structure, easy to move, does not occupy space. The products made by the equipment have the same size, smooth surface and neat pattern, which is much more beautiful than the handmade bag.
Professional Crepe Machine For Sale
4. Private customization: The crepe machine produce the product size, shape (round, square) can be customized according to customer needs.
5. Fully automatic production: high output and full automatic, ending the current semi-automatic production, low output status, realized fully automatic production, liberated manpower, and thus truly realized large-scale production, high efficiency Saved costs and improved market competitiveness.
6. The material is safe, hygienic and durable: Industrial crepe making machine is made of stainless steel with high precision and processing. Bearing assembly, no need to add oil, no rust, durable, normal service life in 6-8 years.

Technical Data
Model GGSR-3620        GGSR-5029 GGSR-8045 GGSR-12060 GGSR-1206011
Voltage  380V  380V  380V  380V  380V
Capacity(pcs/h) 500-1000 1000-1500 3000-4500 4500-7000 12000
Thickness of Spring Roll  0.3-2.0 0.3-2.0 0.3-2.0 0.3-2.0 0.3-2.0
Width of Spring Roll 200 290 450 600 600
Machine Size(mm) 1950*800*1200 2150*950*1350 2600*1100*1600 3300*1500*2200 3300*2700*2300
Net Weight(kg) 330 520 1000 1250 3500


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