How to Make Cardamom Powder with a Machine?

2018-08-13 by Lisa
Cardamom powder is a spice made from the seeds of several plants in the genera Elettaria and Amomum. It is common in Indian subcontinent and Indonesia. Local people also like to use the spice, then how to make the cardamom powder? And use a machine? Here we will talk about how to use the cardamom powder grinding machine to make cardamom powder. 

Cardamom powder as a common flavor in India and Indonesia, the production of the product is very simple, here we have a grinder, it is suitable for handling a lot of different materials, almost said to cover all, is a multi-functional universal grinder. This machine is suitable for the industry of Pharmacy, Chemical industry, food and so on, it is a new generation crushing equipment which integrates smashing and absorbing dust.
how to make cardamom powder
The machine utilizes the relative movement between the movable gear plate and the fixed gear plate, and the material is crushed by impact, friction and material impact between each other. Crushing good materials by the role of rotating centrifugal force, automatic access to capture bags, dust from the dust box through the bag filter recovery. The machine according to the "GMP" standard design, all the use of stainless steel materials manufacturing, the production process without dust flying. And this cardamom powder grinding machine can improve the utilization of materials, reduce the cost of enterprises, its main performance indicators have reached the international advanced level. If you want to know more about the machine price and details, please contact email, whatsapp: 008618595717505, skype: jacobyaogelgoog.

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